Protect Your Business From Remote Work Cybersecurity Risks

June 3 // 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM // Online Event

Businesses across the nation have quickly pivoted to a remote workforce. This drastic change in operations puts a strain on not only the employees, but also the company’s network infrastructure and security.

In this transition to remote work, most businesses have checked the boxes for productivity and access to tools. However, most are breezing over the cybersecurity risks their remote workforce presents. If home offices aren’t already extensions of your business network, they soon will be.  Don’t let this shift compromise your business by exposing your data, people, reputation, and bottom line to additional risk.

Now is not the time to cut your investment in cybersecurity: take advantage of this opportunity to secure your remote workers. Join SUCCESS Computer Consulting CTO, Brandon Nohr, and WatchGuard Technologies Engineer, Ryan Poutre, for a webinar on how to protect your remote workforce to maximize the productivity of your employees and manage new risks to your business.