About NCE

On January 10, 2022, Microsoft launched the New Commerce Experience (NCE). NCE is a seat-based model for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Windows 365, and Power Platform subscriptions. The goal of NCE is to provide customers a consistent purchasing experience that ensures they are subject to the same terms and conditions for the cloud offerings that they buy, whether it’s self-serve, from a Microsoft seller, or from a partner like SUCCESS.  

NCE offers three subscriptions options with the intention of reducing complexity and providing cost savings for long term commitments. 

NCE chart

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The time is now to start thinking about how your organization will adapt to fall within these new parameters.

We held an interactive Q&A session on NCE to answer some of the most common questions. Reach out to your Account Manager to help you choose the plan that's right for your organization. 

Important Dates

March 10, 2022 | New Subscriptions on NCE
All net-new subscriptions must be ordered on NCE. Microsoft will remove the ability to order new subscriptions on the existing (legacy) CSP platform. 


July 11, 2022 | Legacy CSP Renewal
The ability to renew subscriptions in CSP will be revoked, and all subscriptions must be renewed in NCE to continue Microsoft services.

June 30, 2023 | Transition to NCE
CSP licenses must be transitioned to the NCE platform by June 2023. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to wait for my CSP subscription end date?

Technically, no. If you want to switch to NCE sooner, we can accommodate. We recommend transitioning to NCE at the time of your subscription end date/renewal. 


What happens if I don't convert to NCE when my current subscription expires?

Subscriptions will go into suspension after July 11, 2022


Which of the three subscription options is right for me?

It will depend on your business and staffing needs. It may make sense to have a majority of your licenses on a 12-month subscription to benefit from the cost savings, and a few on a monthly subscription to provide flexibility in reductions/cancellation for seasonal or temporary staff. 


How will cancellations and reductions be handled? 

Cancellations and reductions can only take place in the first 7 days (including weekends and holidays) and will be pro-rated, so customers will not receive a full refund. Reductions outside of the cancellation window are not permitted. The best way to accommodate the flexibility of reducing seats is with a monthly subscription. 

Thus, it’s important to ensure that any licensing on an annual and triennial subscription plan will fit the needs of the business for the duration of the term. 


Can I increase or decrease my seat count mid-term?

You can increase your seat count mid-term and the additional seats will co-term with your original subscription end date.

You cannot decrease your subscriptions seat count mid-term. You will have to wait until your subscription's term renewal to reduce the seat count. 


Can we, as the customer, have access to add and remove licenses ourselves?
SUCCESS is still reviewing the option to provide access for customers to add and remove licenses themselves. If sourcing licensing direct from Microsoft, you will have access to add and remove licenses if you are an administrator on the account. If sourcing licensing via another CSP you will need to check with them on the options for access to add and remove licenses yourself.
Will the license auto-renew at the end of the term?

If you elect SUCCESS to manage your NCE subscriptions, your licenses will not auto-renew. Your account manager will work with you in advance of your renewal date to audit and adjust your licenses for the coming term.


What if we want to change to a different license type?

You can upgrade your 365 licensing on NCE, but you cannot downgrade your 365 licensing on NCE. 

Example:  You can upgrade from M365 Business Standard to M365 Business Premium.  You cannot downgrade a M365 Business Premium to a M365 Business Standard. 


Can I have different terms for the same license?

Yes, you have the option to blend short and long-term offers for customers with seasonal or business-volume fluctuations.

What about trial licenses? 

Trial licenses operate differently in NCE and will convert into a paid subscription if not cancelled in 7 days. Therefore, it is important to manage these appropriately or you will be stuck with a bill. 


What about non-profit licensing?

Not available on NCE. Date is TBD – still live on legacy platform.


Can I purchases directly from Microsoft? If so, does this change anything?

Yes, you can purchase your licenses directly through Microsoft. You will be subject to the same subscription options and terms and conditions.


Where can I learn about the different Microsoft 365 license options to understand what solution is right for me?

SUCCESS recommends the Microsoft 365 Business Premium license for most customers. It includes the productivity and security features needed for a successful modern workplace foundation. However, we know that customer needs vary. You can learn about the different Microsoft 365 plans here.