“DocumentV1.doc, DocumentV2.doc, DocumentV2-copy.doc, DocumentFINAL.doc” – look familiar? This way of working is a nightmare that belongs in the past.

In order to collaborate effectively, you need the ability to share files without the hassles of managing versions that get emailed back and forth or accessing a file server. Luckily, Microsoft 365 makes that possible! Applications like OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint work in harmony, enabling you to co-author, share, and manage documents quickly and effectively.

While the productivity and collaboration gains from these modern applications far exceed traditional workflows, it can be challenging to understand which application to use and when, how to share files from these applications, where these files live, and how to access them.

In the session, we’ll provide best practices for managing the lifecycle of your documents in Microsoft 365. We’ll review:

  • When to use OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint – and how these applications work together
  • How to identify your own role in managing or contributing to a document
  • How to share and co-author files across OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint
  • How to access files that have been shared with you

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